Same-Day Claim Submission

One of the most critical steps in the dental billing process is the submission of dental claims. Have you ever kept track of the percentage of claims that are paid successfully on the first try? Has your staff undergone dental HIPAA training and is qualified? To be successful with the dental billing process, claims must be reviewed and revised, the cause for denials must be accurately identified, and appropriate action must be performed before proceeding. If you file clean claims, it implies the claim spends as little time as possible in the payer’s accounts receivable, resulting in speedier payouts.

Error-Free Dental Claim Support

You probably believe that when you file a dental claim, it will be processed, and payment would be issued without any back and forth. This can’t be farther from the truth. We've dealt with innumerable clients at Dental Billing Assist, many of whom had no idea this was an issue at all. Improve your office administration and the patient experience with our error-free dental claim support! It might be aggravating to get claim after claim refused due to a minor clerical error. Worse, you have to sift through the list of claims to find the problem and then resubmit it! This costs your dental practice a lot of time, energy, and money.

Want To Get Paid Faster?

Approximately one-third of all claims never make it to the insurance company the first time. With the nation's premier dental insurance billing system, you can tackle your accounts receivable challenges. Our crew has undergone dental HIPAA training , and our technology makes dental insurance and patient billing easier. Our primary purpose is to help your office in collecting any insurance funds owing to you. Outsourcing your billing to a company with dental HIPAA compliance can significantly boost your revenue stream. As a premier Dental eAssist solutions provider, we pride ourselves to deal with a variety of clearinghouses on a daily basis to ensure that claims are filed on the same business day and are ready to be processed and paid as soon as possible. We submit primary, secondary, and pre-auth claims on the same business day. We submit claims for PPO, HMO as well as state-run dental insurances such as Denti-cal, MCNA, etc.

How Outsourcing DENTAL CLAIM SUBMISSION Can Benefit You

Dental claim support comes with a sense of urgency because your income relies on them, so when your dental insurance claims are being denied, this is not only frustrating, but it impacts your revenue. Hire an outsourcing partner for Dental eAssist solutions to navigate these stormy waters:

  • Cut through insurance red tape and complex processes
  • Relieve the burden of having to deal with insurance companies
  • Experience on-point accuracy
  • Discover consistency
  • Improve your ROI
  • Spend more time with patients

Steps To Achieve Clean Claim Submission Rate

Dental Billing Assist always prioritizes a clean claim percentage that is achieved through the following ways:

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