Reduce 90+ Days of Aging to Zero

An A/R Aging Report is one of the important variables your dental office should regularly watch when it comes to billing and collections. An A/R Aging Report captures how quickly patients pay for services. Most practice management systems or other analytics tools will show you the total amount owed that is 0-30 days past due, 31-60 days past due, 61-90 days past due, and outstanding sums exceeding 90 days—this is known as Accounts Receivable Aging.

A/R Aging Reporting Mechanism

Your dental offices should get 98% of net revenue on average. Clearly, not all receivables are made equal. The longer a bill goes unpaid, the more difficult it is to collect. Failure to collect for services performed is a source of frustration for many office managers and dentists. Not only do you forfeit payment for services previously rendered, but your practice also forfeits collectible income from treating a paying patient during the same appointment window. With Dental Billing Assist's tools and solutions, you will be able to maximize collections by adopting an A/R Collection Automation system.

Want To Automate Your Aging Management?

Accounts receivable are often low on the priority list for dentists, office managers, and practice personnel as they have a million things to manage on a day-to-day basis. However, as we have demonstrated, boosting your A/R analytics is one of the most ROI-positive practices you can embark on. We believe in the adage "what gets measured, gets managed" at Dental Billing Assist. By tracking and evaluating your aging report, we will devise ingenious ways to cut your 90+ days of aging to zero!

How Outsourcing AGING MANAGEMENT Can Benefit You

Concerned about aged accounts? Outsource it to us and sit back while we figure things out. A lot of medical and dental billing organizations would only take up projects that would help their bottom line and would avoid projects with a lot of ARs that are all but dead! We have established procedures and processes at Dental Billing Assist to solely manage old AR. Cleaning up old AR and handling rejections necessitates cautious and deliberate efforts on the part of a medical billing organization.

  • Creating patient ledgers and submitting daily reports
  • Keeping track of claims that have been worked on and collected
  • Maintaining track of records of all the collection efforts
  • Improving cash flow and mitigating expired claims

End-to-End Aging Reduction Procedures

Create a strategy for collecting delinquent insurance payments with Dental Billing Assist now! When you work with us, we help your dental practice by developing a plan in which collectible claims are monitored and assessed regularly – improving cash flow and ensuring that collectible dental claims do not fall through the cracks! We retrieve all aged ARs and handle them wisely by:

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