Correspondence and Denials Followup

Correspondence and Denials Followup, represent a sort of communication channel involving the insurance provider of the client and their dental clinic. These include payment denial explanations, additional documentation requests, authorization approvals, authorization rejections, patient medical necessity determinations, bill under review, and legal correspondence. It can be a difficult “paper mountain” to scale. They usually sit on a desk as a lesser priority until the denials department has time to arrange and research the item. Oftentimes they sit for weeks at a time, which is a significant missed opportunity.

Persistent Denials Follow-Ups

According to a poll conducted by the Medical Group Management Association, 69% of responders had seen their firm’s denials increase in 2021. But did you know that as much as 75% of denied claims can be resolved with a solid appeal without much delay? Effective denial management improves the financial health of a dental care service. The primary goal of accounts receivable management in dental billing is to maximize cash flow in a business by reducing collection delays and expenses. Is your practice seeking strategies to reopen rejected claims or be compensated for outstanding claims? Dental Billing Assist has a specialized A/R follow-up staff that can assist you with the same.

Want To Automate Your Denials Follow-Ups?

A good recovery methodology helps dental practices collect delayed payments from insurance providers promptly and conveniently. It allows them to run their operations effectively and profitably while also guaranteeing that money is reimbursed more quickly. Claims may be denied if rules are not followed correctly; consequently, it is vital to have a specialized A/R staff that can follow up with insurance providers to handle disputed claims. A/R follow-up management is crucial for most dental billing companies. By following up correctly, the Dental Billing Assist may staff inform the member of the problem and then take necessary steps to accelerate the process.

How Outsourcing DENTAL INSURANCE BILLING Can Benefit You

We at Dental Billing Assist understand that each denial is unique. We amend any wrong or erroneous medical codes, provide supporting clinical data, challenge any prior authorization denials, comprehend any true denial scenarios so that patients are not held liable, and effectively follow up. We re-validated all clinical data prior to re-submission. We collaborate with you as an extended billing office to evaluate your denied claims and gradually reduce the percentage of denied claims.

  • Recognizing and addressing flaws that lead insurance companies to deny claims
  • Make denial management easier by categorizing rejections by source, justification, department, and other identifying characteristics
  • Effectively appeal and reverse unwarranted rejections, implement creative denial management systems that engage patients and dentists
  • Avoid future denials, and keep up to date on the various windows that various third-party payers require when filing insurance claims

End-to-End Payment Posting Procedures

We believe that every organization should take steps to enhance the medical billing process and prevent denials. Our team is trained to gather correct information regarding each patient’s health insurance coverage and eligibility for benefits, ensuring that they are not refused in the first place. Dental Billing Assist employs the following tactics to minimize the number of claim denials:

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